Boulder B-Cycle Launch Makes Headlines

Boulder B-cycleBOULDER, COLORADO — What a day. On May 20, after months of hard work by countless people, Boulder B-cycle became a reality. On a crisp Friday morning, bike sharing officially arrived in Boulder.

Following a ceremonial ribbon cutting and some great speeches, 100 amazing volunteers helped deliver 100 shiny new red bikes to their respective B-stations spread throughout Boulder’s downtown business corridor. Mayor Susan Osborne was there. So was Alex Bogusky. And so were a ton of local media outlets. Here’s a round-up of all the great press coverage of the Boulder B-cycle launch:

The Boulder Daily Camera newspaper ran several stories during launch week. It trumpeted a new era in local transit and documented the day itself, noting that, with thunderous applause and city officials cutting the proverbial red ribbon, Boulder’s first large-scale bicycle-sharing program kicked off. See great photos here and here.

The Daily Camera also ran a follow-up article, noting that among all B-cycle users, a total of 137,712 calories were burned riding the bikes in the first seven days. It also created several amazing videos, one on the Installation Process, another of Launch Day, and this great ride around town with the Out There Guy. To see all the great B-cycle videos, visit our new Video Page.

Competitor Magazine also took notice of Boulder B-cycle, featuring the program in its May 2011 issue, and explaining that the idea of bike sharing is to “bridge the gap between trips that are too far to walk, but too short to drive.”

The Boulder Weekly filed a report, noting that the new program is designed to be convenient for running short errands around town and connecting between transit stations.

There was also an editorial from Bicycle Retailer and Industry News, which explained that, “The target audience is way bigger than tourists looking to ride, rather than drive, around Boulder. It’s commuters who drive or bus into town, who’d rather run that mile or two lunchtime errand or ride to a meeting on a bike than fire up their gas guzzler and lose their parking space!

And the Boulder County Business Report checked in, explaining that, riders can sign up for a bike online or check one out at any one of the B-stations.

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