Boulder B-cycle Gets Airtime on KGNU

In conjunction with Bike to Work Day on June 22, Boulder B-cycle Executive Director Elizabeth Train was a guest of KGNU’s popular show Morning Magazine. If you happened to miss the program, worry not. We have a full recap here, broken down into segments, including some great insight from our Governor and some loyal B-cycle users.

Click links below to play audio in a new window or download to iTunes. Enjoy!

KGNU talks to Governor John Hickenlooper and B-cycle users to find out why bike sharing is great.

The origins of B-cycle and how you can join.

How Boulder B-cycle works and how you can keep track of personal usage

How can you find a Boulder B-station and how do local bike shops feel about bike sharing.

Are bikes being stolen and damaged, and is bike sharing becoming popular nationwide?

What happens during the winter and how to learn more about Boulder B-cycle

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