The March/April edition of Elevation Outdoors magazine included a great two-page feature on the Boulder B-cycle program.

Author Doug McClellan noted that with either the Denver or Boulder bike sharing programs, “checking out a bike is simple: Walk up to a bike kiosk, wave a membership card near the touchscreen, and a cheery red B-cycle bike pops out.”

“Ride the bike to a kiosk closest to your destination, park it in an empty slot, and walk away. The system automatically locks the bike for the next user and records the time you spent in the saddle. Use it for less than an hour (in Boulder) or 30 minutes (in Denver), and there’s no charge beyond your membership fee. Meanwhile, an on-board computer tracks the miles you covered and the calories you burned.”

See the on-line version of the article here. Or view a PDF of how it looks in the magazine here.

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