Boulder B-cycle’s Mission:

Boulder B-cycle will create and operate a community-supported bike-sharing program that provides Boulder residents, workers and visitors with a zero-emission, financially sustainable, affordable transportation option that is ideal for short trips and results in fewer Vehicles Miles Traveled, less pollution and congestion, more personal mobility and economic vitality, and lots and lots of smiles.

Boulder B-cycle’s Goals:

  • Offer Boulder residents, visitors and workers an additional transportation option that is green, convenient and affordable—and that utilizes and enhances Boulder’s existing transportation infrastructure.
  • Encourage more people in Boulder to ride a bike—or bike more often—to promote their personal health as well as our community’s quality of life.
  • Demonstrate how bike-sharing programs can make communities healthier, stronger, friendlier, more mobile and more vital.
  • Demonstrate how bike-sharing programs can help minimize mobility and social equity disadvantages experienced by low-income or other marginalized people.
  • Prove that bike-sharing systems are financially sustainable operations that contribute to environmentally sustainable communities.
  • Show how the application of simple new technology (wireless networks, GPS, RFID) can enhance simple time-tested technology (bicycles).
  • Nurture and promote Boulder B-cycle as a unique community initiative so the system organically becomes a beloved Boulder institution—and so people can’t imagine the days before bike sharing.
  • Put more smiles on the faces of more people in Boulder—all day, every day!

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